by Sneha

An intro, where to begin? Let’s see, a feisty Leo, born and raised in Texas, eldest daughter of a first generation Indian family who deserves their own show on HBO. Before we get started I have a few disclaimers: after 10 years of working as a public servant, I can assure you that there will be nothing polite or proper in my portion of our blog and you may be offended. Also, my random writing/thought process may leave you nauseous. You have been warned. In all honesty, I am excited to be a part of this blog with these amazing women and hope someone out there can relate to my insightful and monumental posts.

So I am OCD (we will discuss later) but that also stands for my other 3 problems we will attack this year: overachiever, competitive and denial. My personality stems from an unhealthy competitive nature – striving for the best/not settling for anything less while balancing culture and traditions, blah blah blah combined with the reality of assimilating to society demands and trying to succeed in a profession dominated by “a certain group” while also trying to make sure I preserve and stay true to my beliefs. WOW that was a lot! My brain hurts. I can’t/don’t kiss ass, probably why I feel stuck right now (professionally) but the combination of my profanity and don’t fuck with me attitude will never disappoint! While my scatter-brain does take a toll on me, I usually have my shit together enough to pass as normal and sane.


On a completely different note, being single in your 30s is usually a death sentence and weddings stir up questions from EVERYone: what’s wrong with her, doesn’t she want kids, her poor parents, and it goes on. And for the first time I can honestly say, I’m very happy being single. And that’s something that a lot of single women, especially intelligent, ambitious professionals battle with; but I will say: it’s much better to be single than miserable with the wrong guy….now wish me luck explaining that to the world. Moving onto kids, in the last 5 years many of my girlfriends have had the cutest kids and just SOMEtimes, I kind of want one. Maybe I can rent one and see if it works out. Or maybe I’ll get a dog and see how that goes.

2016 had a rough start but hey, new year, clean slate, right? I plan to drink less, cook healthier meals, work out consistently, stress less, be more responsible, and laugh more…..ok, so it’s a start don’t judge just yet. As my fellow blogger Laura said, I too, do not want to disappoint these fabulous ladies BUT I can promise to entertain y’all with my mind-blowing telenovela drama.

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