An Ordinary Gal in a Material World

by Nancy

Hey there… Nancy here. A thirty something, single (according to The Man), female searching for the meaning of life, kind of. Prior to writing this I had to conduct research because how does one ‘blog’ per se? I enjoyed reading blogs but, writing would be a whole new beast. So, I turned to the standard avenues, Google, Pinterest, other friends that were writers and even stumbled upon other blogs about blogs. The biggest suggestion that stood out was, ‘write how you talk.’ Easy enough. Here goes nothing.

An intro about me. Unlike all of the other contributors of this blog, I am not a lawyer. I do work closely with lawyers in my professional life however, did not take that educational path. Lucky for me, I became friends with these particular ones while they were in law school and years before I had a ‘professional life.’ I am very random and there’s usually nothing I won’t talk… err well… write about. I’d like to think I’m pretty complex in a non-complicated style. Optimistic thinker and a realist. I’m well versed in pop culture and still try to stay abreast to what is ‘IN.’

Topics to expect from me will span from music festivals to traveling to makeup and a plethora of others. Music and food inspire me. You’ll get my point of view from being the perpetual single gal and topics related to this as well. I can’t promise you’ll take anything away from my entries but, I sure hope they entertain you, at the very least.

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