Don’t Underestimate The Young

By Layla – Special Contributor


What is important to you?

Family definitely. Family helps you get through hard things in your life. It helps you learn to connect with other people. It also helps you find what career you want to have when you grow up. But it’s important for you to help your family too. That’s why my family is so important to me, we stick together through everything. My family helps me now, so when I grow up I can start a good family too.


What is it like to be a girl in your world?

Sometimes people underestimate us, but as the famous saying says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Girls can do a lot. For example, there are a lot of girl scientists that make things to help people. There are a lot of girls around the world that have changed the world. In fact, girls can do anything that boys can do. Boys can’t take all of the credit. At least they better not!


What is something that you think adults need to know about your world?

Even though we’re still only kids, we don’t want to be treated like babies. We can help change the world, not just the grown women. For example, there was an earthquake in Haiti, and there’s this girl that made teddy bears for the victims to make people feel better. Kids can make a big difference even though adults get to make all of the decisions.

Most kids just think that they don’t have any power to help, but they’re wrong.


LaylaBio Layla turns 10 on March 31. In Layla’s free time she loves to play forward or center midfielder on her select soccer team, and play basketball or volleyball for fun. Her interests include swimming, working on school projects, reading novels, music, playing Minecraft, and spending time with her family.


[Editor’s Note]

As we near the close of Women’s History Month 2017, we have curated you  five (5) SEVERAL pieces from some pretty amazing guest bloggers. Who are they? They are all empowered young women who we asked one of the following questions:

What is important to you?

What is it like to be a girl in your world?

What is something you think Adults need to know about your world?

SIL Blog would like to extend a tremendous “THANK YOU” to these young ladies and their parents, in Layla’s case her father, for sharing their message and lending their voices and words conversation and celebration of  Women’s History Month 2017.

We hope these young ladies drop some more knowledge on us in the future, you all have an open invitation to contribute. 

Fun Fact: On March 21, 2017 Layla placed third in her first ever GPISD Geography Bee Challenge.


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