Empowered Young Ladies

By: The SIL Blog Staff

We wanted to take the time to formally thank everyone who participated in the #EmpoweredYoungLadies series, from the authors, interviewers, and parents, we would not have done it without you.


I want to say thank you to all the young ladies  who took the time to answer these questions (and the parents/teachers who took the time to ask them and deliver them) because I think you are right, many adults are going around doing and things without thinking about how it may affect the next generation. My advice as you continue your journey from empowered young ladies into empowered womanhood is to seek out other points of view and stay curious. When you seek out other points of view, you get a better sense of how something affects other people differently, and this is how you develop a full picture of something. You are fierce, you are smart, you are worth all the good things you want for yourself and those around you. Stay Strong Younglings.


Puja WHM


Here’s my brilliant advice (#takewithahugegrainofsalt)

Thank you to each one of your for sharing a little piece of yourself to remind us all that we all share some connection.  No matter how different we are, we must never forget to have patience and to listen because at the end of the day we all share or have shared the same struggles.  Be proud of who you are;  each one of us has a talent, whether it is hidden or discovered, so be true to yourself.  We were created to be strong yet gentle, brave yet sensitive and intelligent yet mindful.  You are strong and fearless with limitless possibilities.  Dream big, never back down and always have hope.

So in honor of Women’s History Month: Remember to always think like a girl, fight like a girl, lead like a girl.

Sneha WMH


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughtfulness with us. It makes living in this world that much more palatable to know that our youth are so full of life and ready to change the world! My one piece of advice is to never give up. You never know what tomorrow will bring. It seems so cheesy to say, but life can change in an instant – for better or worse. Never give up because the giant you are fighting could keel over. Life is short. Or long. Or whatever. But either way, life is unpredictable. Don’t give up and ever count yourself out.

Rashee WMH


To you beautiful wonder young women and their families: thank you. Your posts took me back to when I was your age (and no I didn’t walk 5 miles to school in the snow). Adults forget just how much you hear and understand. With each post, I kept thinking of the “Fearless Girl” statue that was such as hit she is scheduled to stick around longer than her one month tenure. We are all little girls for just a moment, but you reminded that at any age, we are facing that bull and ready to roar.

Laura WHM


So I had to play catch up on all the posts from all these amazing younger ladies and other contributors but, WOW!!! It’s been too many years since I’ve been a teenager and even longer since I’ve been a tween. I can’t imagine growing up in this ‘crazy world’ at their age and trying to understand it let alone what is going on within themselves.

My note to them: Bravo ladies, BRAVO!!! I commend you for being brave enough to share with the world your thoughts and opinions. You’re right, the world is a crazy place but, from what I can tell you’ve already got a great head on your shoulders to conquer anything. My word of advice, don’t be afraid to ask for help or for something to be clarified. There are a lot of things going on that might not make sense to you. Ask. Stay woke (as we preach here on SIL Blog). Never stop asking and learning.

Nancy WHM


The world is already a better place with courage and compassion like yours. I hope you continue to challenge the status quo, to be open to the world and to be willing to speak up and reach out for and to those who need it the most.  Above all else, rise and continue to uplift other women – and know that your story is just as important as history. #herstory


ICYMI here are the pieces:

“Fight For Your Rights” by Hermioneela

“A Modern Young Lady” by Brooklyn

“The Cake Ball Smile” by Mindy 

“Don’t Underestimate the Young” by Layla

“The Kindness Club” by Kate

“The Future Is Coming Whether You Like It or Not” by De’Jia

“Dear Adults: Calm Yourselves” by Emily

“My Future Has Goals” by Dior

“Have Faith In Us” by Manahil

“Listen Up and Hear Me” by Savannah

“Real Girls Make Their Own Rules” by Cheyenne

“Be Good And Go To Sleep” by Lani

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