By: Sneha

Growing up I always loved being at home, going home, staying at home….
Don’t get me wrong, I loved to be out: travel, try new things, hang out with friends, you know the normal stuff, but there was “no place like home.”
(that movie spoke to me on so many levels – discussion for another post)

Most kids enjoyed camp, sleep-overs, even after-school stuff, but me, nope, I loved coming home.
Is it weird?  Maybe.
Was I an odd kid?  Probably.
Do I regret it?  Not one bit.
Whether it was dance practice, working late or just a long vacation, I always loved the idea of coming home.  I was told, it can be healthy, to an extent.  But I hate to report, it’s getting worse!  It’s so much easier as an adult!  We can totally milk excuses ranging from kids/their schedules, a sick spouse/significant other and their schedules, family commitments, work, and the list goes on!  I don’t have the luxury to abuse all of these so here are a few of mine:


It’s sad but true; and yes, the messy write-ins are me.  Now, I know I’m not alone on this one.  I have friends who will straight up lie (they know who they are), even though NO ONE believes them: I’m going to the gym, I’m cooking dinner, or I’m going to read a book; you know the type.  So, I feel safe sharing my craziness.

From laying on the couch all day with no judgment to no makeup or wardrobe requirements, hell you can even keep your hair up in a beehive you call a bun (ok, I call a bun) with last night’s eyeliner smeared under your eyes (this may or may not scare the UPS guy – I’ve been told).


It’s official ladies and gentlemen, I have become a home body!  I love my Gap “pants” and outlet branded polo t-shirts.  I mix-match them to create wonders of comfort.  Being at home is amazing: quiet with no bullshit, you don’t have to be nice or friendly or fake making “home” the best place on earth!

Well, it’s almost the weekend and I ran out of Gap and Polo attire so I am going to attempt to get off my ass and do something fun. Please tell me I’m not alone on this issue.  I welcome ideas to an intervention, solution, or cure.  It’s too hot for jeans, did I tell yall I’m out of stretchy pants?  #comfortfirst

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