Divide & Conquer

By Puja

This is a rougher week than usual for me (I know it is only Tuesday) but I have a lot of plates in the air and hopefully I grow more hands soon because I can’t really afford for any of them to come crashing down at the moment.

No long lead-up this week, we are going to get right to the point, the news is getting  a little ridiculous. Everyone is making the same mistake they made during the election- all eyes focused on the shriveled orange-skinned letch who is currently residing in the white house. To the detriment of democracy. And we are doing it again. Well at least I am. Every news alert, every tweet from the sources and writers I trust, and even every podcast that talks about the fate of this country gets priority in my rotation. An informed resistance is the best resistance.

Well the fellas over at Pod Save America said something last week that has me both morose and incredulous. See I have been operating under the assumption that once the  wizened illiterate orange is impeached every mother trucking crony goes with him. But no, that is not the case. The distinction lies in the definition of hacking. Yes, Russia hacked the election process, they hacked people’s brains. No, Russia did not hack a voting machine (that we can prove as of yet).

Do you know what that means? That means yes, people did vote for him. Because people voted for him he is legitimately leader of this land. AND all the toxic chemicals he dumped into Secretary roles are legal too. So even if this snake oil selling, short attention span having, dumbest person in any room fool gets impeached and convicted, the snake eggs he hatched will still be there, unless they retire/resign, gets fired by the 46.  UGH!

We are focused on the White House because of the newest drama, when is Spicy going to be fired, Jason Chaffetz is retiring? Does that mean he’s running for Governor of Utah (NNOOO), and who IN  the White House is Kysliak’s counterpoint (ALL OF THEM) because oh god we are a banana republic now. It took less than 100 days. So while we are focused on that, we are missing what some of our evil state legislators are doing. OH GOD THE GOVERNOR OF TEXAS IS NOT INTELLIGENT. So you know what I’m going to say

Stay Woke 

or to quote the fake Mad-Eye Moody in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire “Constant Vigilance.” Make a deal with your friends that one of you focuses on the state level and the other focuses on the federal level every other month. Otherwise you will go insane and something will slip through the cracks. It’s time for the resistance to embrace game theory, join a front, tell your friends to join a front, everyone do your part. We may have our own Hydra to deal with. I live in Texas, my senators are shills and have no allegiance to the people they represent. We have several people running against Cruz in 2018 and Cornyn maybe the head of the FBI forcing what? an appointment or a special election? Can Texas turn it around? Point is, I don’t waste my time calling the Senators, I email them. I try to call my Congress person, and I am writing this thing because I neglect to call my state reps. 😦 So I am going to switch it up. Make the calls, donate the funds, volunteer for the campaigns, do your part. The news is troubling, let’s do our part to calm it down. Aren’t you tired of seeing some of the swamp creatures who are in DC on TV all the time? Can we go on vacation abroad and not get made fun of or accosted? Can we restore America’s reputation? No. That shouldn’t be our goal. Our goal is to make America into what it can be. So let’s divide and conquer.

Also on the lighter side of staying woke, I submit to you that the following image and The Simpsons clip are saying the exact same thing. Prove me wrong.


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