‘Panties’ in Public

By Laura

Stop using that word, Mom. Stop calling them panties. It’s oogie.

My mother loves to sew and she’s quite good at it. She’s made my daughter a few dresses and a new pinafore and I can’t wait until she goes someplace to wear them all. I asked her for some bloomers because when you wiggle in a dress things are on display (and you know what I mean and you don’t have to watch a baby to learn this, LADIES).

My mom had a new dress ready and announced her panties were ready to try on. Um… What is about some words that just sound sckeezie. In my head, panties are used in a private mother / daughter getting dressed conversation; hollering through the house the panties are ready just doesn’t sound right.

Laura Outfit

I know, I know. My mother used the word and I am her daughter and we were discussing my daughter. I didn’t say it made sense. I said it sounded awkward.

My sister had this same conversation in her classroom. The little kindergarten girl had hers showing and my sister (as her teacher) told the child her panties were showing (not across the room, in a conversation just with the child), and the little girl and then her friend, both got the giggles at this ‘old lady teacher’ using the word panties and said that was a ‘mom word.’ See… other people have a problem using the word too!

Admit it. There are words which are innocent and appropriate, but when you hear them from your mom in a ‘public’ setting you cringe or think ‘how can I be having this conversation?’

So tell me: what word does your mom, or teacher, or friend use that gives you the giggles or makes you pull a face?!

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