Be Good & Go To Sleep

By: Lani – Special Contributor

[Editor’s Note #1 Lani’s interview is our first soundbite. Her mother Tammy, interviewed her before bedtime, a transcript follows the audio]

Tammy: What is it like being a young lady in today’s world?

Lani: You’re just being good.

Tammy: You’re just being good?

Lani: Yes. You’re just being good, and trying to go to sleep. 

Tammy: You’re just trying to go to sleep?

Lani: Yes sir-eee.

Tammy: Well what about your future?

Lani: Future means just go to sleep. You go to sleep and then you get a treat when you go night night.

Note from Tammy: The Baptist translation to this is “Weeping may endure for a night but Joy commeth in the morning.”

Lani is three years old, she enjoys Doc McStuffins, story time, imagination, singing, dancing, and the music of Frozen. She is loved and a delight to all who meet her. She is also very adept with hand-held electronics.


[Editor’s Note #2]

And that is a wrap on Women’s History Month 2017! We brought you 11 articles from #EmpoweredYoungLadies ranging from age 3 to 15 and 1 article from a mom who is young at heart. We curated diverse voices from some pretty amazing guest bloggers. Now that adults know what is important to you and what it is like to be a girls in YOUR worlds, we hope we can do right by all of you in giving you the space to exist and the freedom to follow your dreams/passions wherever it may take you.


SIL Blog would like to extend a tremendous “THANK YOU” to these young ladies and their parents, for sharing their message and lending their voices and words conversation and celebration of  Women’s History Month 2017. Special Shout Out to Lani’s mother, Tammy, who by herself was able to get 5 of these young ladies to open up about their lives.

THANK YOU Tammy, we hope you contribute your own piece soon. 

Until #WomensHistoryMonth 2018, keep listening to the Young Ladies and Girls around you, their perspectives are important, and they are the generation that will change the world as  WE know it. 


4_e9e8580cb6ee4e40a21f5d992a2dff97Let Her Sleep 2

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