Fight For Your Rights


By Hermioneela – Special Contributor

Recently, I was chosen as a student to write a speech because I had the highest grades in the fourth grade of speaking about an issue. So naturally, I had to choose a subject that needed attention that I felt strongly about.

So the thing I chose was Women`s Rights. 

The teacher approved it, so I went on to write my speech. It had to be a quick speech, and as always, appropriate. I am to perform the speech on Tuesday the 21st.  Here is the speech I hope with inspire many to fight for rights:


I feel very strongly about the topic on which I am speaking about: Women`s rights. when people say I`m stupid, or can`t do it because I am a girl, I say I can do it. In the eyes of many, men are considered to be superior, but women can do everything a man can do and more!
I have always felt like some people treat me like I am dumb, just because I am a girl.  There are always [those]  who look surprised when I tell them I want to be a cardiologist.
Women have always been treated differently, and this I believe, is not fair.  No women should ever be ashamed of her ethnicity, or her intelligence, or her religion.  We should be celebrating those differences that make each of us truly beautiful and unique.

Women of America, hear me and fight for your rights, the rights of your sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, aunts, and friends. HUMAN RIGHTS.  



I have dedicated this speech to my heroes: Shaila Raj, Puja Maharaj, Rashee Raj, and the founders of the Women’s march on Washington.

Hermioneela is a fourth grade student who enjoys reading, writing, archery, running and all things Harry Potter. Her favorite school subject is history, and she is especially interested in civil rights. When asked what she wished she had more time for, her answer was meditation and understanding Buddhism.


[Editor’s Note]

As we near the close of Women’s History Month 2017, we have curated you five (5) pieces from some pretty amazing guest bloggers. Who are they? They are all empowered young women who we asked one of the following questions:

What is important to you?

What is it like to be a girl in your world?

What is something you think Adults need to know about your world?

SIL Blog would like to extend a tremendous “THANK YOU” to these young ladies and their mothers / teachers for sharing their message and lending their voices and words conversation and celebration of  Women’s History Month 2017.  

You have heard from our first guest blogger before (about a year ago!), and we thank Hermioneela for agreeing to start of what we hope to be an annual event. 


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