Mey’s Favorite Things – Baby Edition 2.0

By Mey

Having had two baby showers this year and so many friends with first and now second babies, thought it was time for another listicle of favorite baby things. Same disclaimer as before – these may not work for everyone, but they worked wonders for us!

Mey Bunny Ca

  1. Jellycat Bashful Bunny Soother – $20*

This soft, small stuffed bunny holding a handkerchief-sized blanket was a random gift from one of my mother-in-law’s church friends. I think it’s pricey for what it is, but O loves her bunny. It goes everywhere with her and is a must-have for naps. It is very sturdy (withstanding many washes due to wear and tear including vomit and poo) and has maintained its softness. We have 3 in rotation at any given time.

Mey Diaper Cream

  1. BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush – $10

This is the epitome of #firstworldproblems but SO SO nice to have. Again – probably overpriced for what it really is but totally worth it for me. It’s basically a tiny silicone spatula that you can use to apply diaper cream / ointment to your baby’s bottom. No more *stuff* underneath your nails. Just apply and clean with anti-bacterial wipe and you’re done.

Mey Sippy Cup

  1. Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup – $6

For us, this was the best sippy cup EVER. Super easy for O to use because she could sip from any side of the cup and suck on the edge. Because it automatically seals when she stops drinking – spills are almost completely eliminated. Plus – super easy to clean (no crazy parts that can trap mold), BPA-free and top dishwasher safe. It’s allegedly dentist-recommended but the magic again is the virtually no spills.

Mey Boogie Wipes

  1. Boogie Wipes – $4

Yes, you can just use a tissue or handkerchief to wipe your little one’s nose but Boogie Wipes are a great alternative. I love that they are extra-soft and made with saline to help dissolve mucus so there’s less irritation for O’s sensitive skin.

Mey Baby Bouncer

  1. Boppy Newborn Lounger – $30

Before and even after we got the Dockatot, this lounger was a great, safe place to put O down when she was 6 months or less (immobile). It was great for supervised naps, for supervised tummy time and for those times you wanted to put the baby down and make googly faces and sounds to try to get a reaction. Doesn’t hurt that they are pretty cute (if that matters to you).

*Prices are regional to Texas (all products available on Amazon)

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