Would You Want To Know?

By Laura

A co-worker of mine whom I don’t know very well approached me the other day and let me know that he thought he saw me at the gym. He and another co-worker went to work out (likely manly men) and saw “me” in the parking lot. He came over to say hello only to discover about 4 feet away that it was an imposter.

At first I was flattered and I wondered all about this mystery me. Who is she? What kind of exercise does this not-a-me do? What is her job? Does she have kids? Does she have love or self-doubt or all of the above?

And then I was concerned. The word is doppelgänger. It literally means double walker and, if you believe Wikipedia, it is a harbinger of evil.


I wasn’t worried about evil. I mean who is to say I’m not the evil one (mwahahahaha). I was concerned for more self-involved reasons. Have you ever heard your own voice recorded and suddenly you wonder how can anyone take you seriously with a voice like that? That is the same fear.

What if I saw this woman and she was an honest copy of me?! What a rude awakening to find out what you look like to another person. My god how do identical twins survive?! What if her/ my / our butt really is that size? What if her/ my/ our hair really is that frizzy? Her arm fat? My belly fat? I mean you can angle your selfies just right and add the right filter to enhance your alabaster skin, but what about the true you? I am ready for that?!

Short answer: NO.

I like my reality a bit blurred and my angles at their best thank you very much.

That is all. 😊

#iwillrunawayfrommydoppleganger #theworldcannothandletwoofme

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