By: Sneha


I’m not a morning person is the understatement of the year. I usually lie in bed, after hitting snooze a few times, knowing I’m late, thinking how amazing it would be if someone would open my curtains to a view of the ocean so I could see the beautiful waves (I smile) and then another nice person would bring me coffee coupled with my favorite: scrambled eggs, bacon and extra crispy hash browns. Sometimes I crave waffles. Sometimes a chocolate croissant.

I digress….I realize that now I have to rush and have no time to pick up a taco, so I grunt even though I promised myself that every morning, before my feet hit the ground, I say or think of something I’m grateful for: another day to be alive, restful sleep, etc…. – still working on that. So after rushing to get ready, hair up in a bun, I make my coffee and rush out the door praying that I have gas in my car. I don’t crack a real smile til after a few sips, and am never ready for complaints, big problems or whiners, until well after 10AM.


I know that is no where near how one should behave one morning versus every morning.
It’s so important to start off your day right, work out or do yoga, meditate, have a good breakfast, think positive thoughts, be grateful, blah blah blah, UGH. Ok, ok, I know that’s the “correct ideal” way, but if the first thought is: shit, let me snooze just one more time, I don’t need to wash my hair today…I don’t think I’m on the right path. Sadly, my parents tried to raise me to be a morning person. Get up early, have a good breakfast and get to work/school/whatever on time, if not early. I see people do it, it seems really nice, relaxing, but it’s just not for me.

I have another problem: I love sleeping. I know you’re thinking, me too. Nope. It’s not like most people, I really think it may be some un-diagnosed disease because I could sleep for days. I could fall asleep early and still sleep in til noon. I guess I just didn’t inherit the cheery morning spirit that morning people have. Instead, I love to drag my ass out of bed whenever I feel like it. Some articles (and my mom) suggest that I’m lazy, others describe it as being depressed but I think it’s just because I’m creative/artistic deep down and need the extra sleep (ok probably not but just go with me on this).

It’s like, if I don’t rush, panic, and stub my toe in the morning before I get out of the house then something isn’t right. Is that healthy? Absolutely not. I know that but what is it about sleep in the morning that’s just so satisfying? It’s like 5am and I hit the sweetest zen spot known to man. Now I know there are some days where waking up early is a must: like to catch a flight or if you’re having surgery, but for the most part, I’m an advocate for the 10-6 work day with siestas.
So starting tomorrow, I’ll try not to say what comes naturally:


*Exceptions: dogs barking at nothing, people yelling or fighting before 9AM, someone ringing your doorbell, lawn-mowing services before 9AM, car alarms, fire alarms (list is not inclusive).
We’ll see how it goes….


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