Wardrobe Malfunction

By Laura

I am having a wardrobe malfunction.

Don’t you hate it when you get dressed are on fleek when karma says nope nope nope and pops your elastic?

I bought some new linen pants from the internets where sizing is never right. You may traditionally wear a size 2 but have to buy a 6x in order to fit your toe in the leg (please note, I am neither a size 2 or 6x, but struggling someone where in between).

The pants have a yoga-style roll over top for a ‘cute flattering fit’ – my a$$. The pant part starts just under my hips and the yoga part stretched out about on hour into the day and will now fit an elephant. My pants are drooping down dangerously low and I cannot pull off the hip hop slouch. Add in the fact that clothing manufacture believe that to have a booty my size I must be 6’4” isn’t helping. I’ve got on my tallest shoes and the pants are just brushing the ground.

There was an interesting article here about why sales are suffering and indicating it’s because they aren’t attractive or the freaking arm holes are too small. How to you make a dress with too small of armholes?!

Listen, I am smart women, but I need help when it comes to the artistic side of life (hair, makeup, shoe for my daughter). If these power house fashion designers could just help me out a little with clothes so I understand how to wear them and that might actually fit so I don’t have to hike up as I walk to get some water then maybe I wouldn’t malfunction on a Monday.

#wardrobemalfunction #mypantsaretoolong #iwilljustsitatmydesktoday #maybeishouldjustwearsweats #ifiworkedfromhomethiswouldnthappen

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