By The SIL Blog Staff

Hey there readers, it is Puja and Nancy here, bringing you a special group post for Valentine’s / Single’s Awareness Day.

Puja: Nancy, I think we can agree that Valentine’s Day is slowly become something that only basic people celebrate right? Like the couples of America are waking up and realizing that the matrix was created by Hallmark and they are like ‘we will celebrate our love all year long and in private, not with marked up roses?’ Wait, no it is because there are more single people than married people or people getting married than ever before.

Nancy: I’m not one of those that think flowers are a waste of money. I like flowers, the color red, and most definitely chocolate. Hell, I buy all those things for myself. And sure, there’s nothing wrong with grand romantic gestures but, be humble will ya?! The poor receptionist is going to have one helluva day signing off and delivering something that could’ve easily been gifted in private. Sound jaded…a little.

Puja: We can also agree that February 14th for good or bad bring about really extreme emotional reactions in people. Well it does in me, because in case you can’t tell, I am #SingleAF and really hate anything that is designed to make me feel ‘less than.’ So I am not a fan of this commercialization of ‘love.’ Ugh my bitter is showing.

Nancy: No matter if you’re single, married, or in a situationship, music is always the right answer. It’s a significant factor that can connect strangers and draw them closer.  My first love is and will always will be, music. We’ve been going steady 30+ yrs strong.

Puja: That’s right Nancy. Music is a common denominator of sorts. We asked the SIL Blog Sisters: ‘What song gets you in the mood?’


But we totally started discussing songs that are the soundtrack to romance and heartbreak. We collected all the songs and are compiling one giant playlist that will surely have something for everyone! 

Nancy: Eargasm if you can’t orgasm…kidding. Happy Valentine’s / Single’s Awareness Day!

Here is Our Spotify Playlist…we were going to break them up into separate playlists, but the song total is 69, and given some of the songs, there are some freaks amongst us. We have the songs separated out by “themes” below. What is your go to break-up song? What song ALWAYS gets you in the mood? Share them with us and we will put up a reader curated playlist. Help us help each other expand our tastes in music.



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