Growing Up

By Sneha

Sucks. Yes, I said it. Growing up sucks. Responsibilities, planning for your future, doing what’s “right” versus what you want, prioritizing, not being able to throw tantrums, smiling when you’d like to swear at the top of your lungs…I could go on. As the eldest, I am reminded time and time again that I must uphold the family honor, be a good example, you know shit like that (pause as I replay scenes from one of my favorite movies: Mulan). Am I being childish? Yes, but at some point, in all our lives, we just want to stop ‘adulting.’

No one really warns us about the crap that adulthood carries. So here I am, facing new, unexpected obstacles for the first time in a long time. Forced to make tough decisions that will affect my future, career, health and hell, my bank account. I’m here not by choice but how I handle this will ultimately be my choice. “So what now?” is a question I face daily.  I miss college when you could ride the “undecided” train for a while. Maybe I should go back? I digress. As a kid, we all had dreams. Some wanted to be a fireman, some a teacher, I wanted to be a princess, teacher and dancer. But we “grow up” and realize that this isn’t going to happen. To an extent. Like my last post, I do believe that, again, is a choice. Not a choice to remain immature, childish and playful but to treasure our ability to love without judgement, take things at face value, and enjoy the moment: whether it be the excitement running out to an ice cream truck or having an extra 15 minutes playing your favorite video game.

What would happen if we all acted like children? Now, I don’t mean the children you’re thinking of: immature, tantrum throwing in the middle of the grocery store aisle or kicking your seat on an airplane; no, I mean their unique quality of care-free truth. Say it how it is; question everything; expanding curiosity; dream without limits; live like there’s no tomorrow. I know it’s crazy and most will disagree but after spending some much-needed time with nieces and nephews, I’ve come to realize that we again “choose” and I for one choose not to grow up. I will be an adult, vote, pay my bills, use my turn signal and not throw tantrums in public, ETC. But I also choose to have fun, laugh, enjoy my adult beverage while passing opinions and judgment with my squad as we journey through life together eating, writing, traveling, living. My way. My rules. My terms.

I think we should all choose to be happy and say it how it is starting now. So I leave you with some priceless advice from one of my all-time favorites: an amazingly talented, brilliant role model:


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