We’re One!

By The SIL Blog Staff


Birthday Wishes

“Just like being a real mom, being a blog mom was overwhelming and at times seemed like a hopeless endeavor we would never succeed at. But looking back, that first year flew by and I’m so proud of how far we came! Love these sisters, our readers, and everything we tackle in the future. Here’s to the terrible twos!”  – Rashee (Founder & Editor)

HBD SIL! So grateful for all the LOLs, WTFs, LMAOs, SMHs, slaying, comments on fleek, getting woke and sexy AF.”  – Mey

“Happy Birthday and thanks for sticking with me in the middle of the night, the middle of the morning, and eating cake whenever I want.” – Laura

“Cheers & Happy Birthday” – Sneha

“Happy Birthday!” – Nancy

“Like Athena, the SIL Blog sprang forth from the mind of Rashee, almost fully formed. So Happy Expulsion from the mind-womb SIL Blog, Ladies and Readers! As far as I am concerned, the SIL Blog was one of a handful of things that made 2016 not suck as much. Wishing you an increased readership, a slew of amazing guest bloggers, and stamina to go another year! Also ladies, continue to kick ass and take names.” – Puja


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