By Sneha

New year. Fresh start. Be healthy. Lose weight.

12 days in and let’s be honest: All our family drama, left-over crap, and worse – debt from last year lingers like an ugly shadow and can be your worst nightmare because NO you did not leave it behind in 2016! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be Scrooge but seriously, January 1st is just a facade. Marketing at its peak. Reality is that it’s just another day on the calendar where the media, gyms, and weight-loss companies force us to think it’s a new start; the only new start. If you think about it, anytime can be a new start…if you want it to be. If you choose it to be. I too, at times, can be a sucker for the new year bullshit we all feed into…so here goes.


I wrote about it once before but now, it’s re-surfaced and in fury.
What were my choices? (same as every year)
Was I happy with them? (on average, no)
What will I choose this year? (TBD)
We can all agree that real life doesn’t go on holiday and unfortunately there’s no pause button; we have good days, bad days and those where we just feel like we hit a wall. This year, I tell myself it’s ok to have a crappy day/afternoon/evening because tomorrow is a brand-new day; a brand-new start. It’s ok to feel blah and go to bed early.

I know what you’re thinking…it’s hard not to take in everything around you (family, finances, responsibilities, etc) when making these choices. But in 2017 I ask myself and you: when do you stop making excuses and sacrifices for what is expected, tradition, or in most cases, family and friends? Where’s the balance? It’s a hard question, one I struggle with often. As hard as it is to accept, I truly believe that my own choice determines my happiness. All that I consider or disregard in making that choice is in my hands; can’t blame anyone or any circumstance. We juggle and balance differently and ultimately make our decisions based on what we prioritize. It often is a difficult balance but at the end of the day, it’s up to me to determine what is important versus what needs to be done.


As rude as it may sound and as unnatural as it may feel to say out loud, believe it: your life and your choices are no body’s business! Yes, yes, yes, your family and friends love you and they care, but don’t let any one person judge you or make you feel guilty for your choice. What others say or may say is complete bullshit. If they don’t have enough drama in their lives to keep them busy, send them my way! There was so much I had decided to do in 2016 and sadly, I never even started some of the them. Instead, I dragged along stupid drama, extra baggage and unnecessary stress when I could have easily chosen a completely different possibly healthier/happier path. Hobbies, interests and adventures were put on hold and I blame myself; it was my choice. This year I will learn to speak Spanish, I will travel to a new exotic island, I will be more adventurous (wish it came cheap), I will spend more time with those I love, I will laugh more, I will step out of my comfort zone (still not sure if I can sky dive – hopefully a post for this year) and I will shop less and save more money….ok let’s not be too ambitious.

Interesting tidbit: the first of every month this year falls on a Sunday! Coincidence? I think not. I submit to you that this is a year of many starts. Each month allows a “fresh” start for whatever your life or heart desires.

Choose to put yourself first.
Choose to let go of the bullshit and negativity.
Choose to love and forgive.
Choose to be a better you.
Choose to be happy.

“You sometimes lose by taking risks, but you always lose by holding back.”
– Rachel Wolchin

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