December 2016

By Sneha

“2016 has been a horrible year” is an absolute understatement for most. November flew by and before we know it, it’ll be 2017. I for one can wait. Don’t get me wrong, I mean a lot has happened this year, some good, lots of bad but right now, IT IS TRULY and ABSOLUTELY my favorite time of the year! For those who know me, I love and will celebrate almost anything: donut day, margarita day all the way to the real: meaning any-and-all religious/cultural holidays. After all these years, my sisters and I still force my mom to celebrate Christmas at home…well the commercial aspect at least. We decorate (sort of) and splurge on chocolate, peppermint and ginger recipes. Family comes over and we open gifts together on Christmas Day while we (due to the usual warm Texas winter nights) pretend to be cold in decorative holiday socks and shorts.

It’s not just my imagination I promise! It’s true, everyone seems happier (or they just fake it really well). People smile more, give to Salvation Army and not just because they are stationed at every single block on every street in every state in America….and it’s cold and I love the cold! Weird considering I’ll never leave Texas but OMG I love the cold. While in school, I use to pray for snow/sleet days as we called it in the South. And now living in Dallas I pray for snow days. Have had some gorgeous ones so can’t complain but here’s another prayer, let it be brutal this year! I love enjoying the lights, hot cocoa, and merriment in gloomy cold weather. I’m a sucker for lights, carols, candles, all that is green and red, chocolate dipped/stirred/poured anything, snuggling in my favorite blanket as I binge watch Christmas movies while my mom yells at me. I love the spirit this month brings, or forces, not sure which but everyone is in a giving mood. It’s the time people actually come out to volunteer, donate and unite as one. Even though we lack it the other 11 months of the year, it’s amazing to see how the commercial aspect of this religious holiday brings out the best in all of us….ok some of us.

Ok, I’m not trying to be depressing or a scrooge but let’s be honest, it has been a fucked up year. I have loved ones who have had to endure horrible personal obstacles and loss, the heart-breaking decisions and actions involving the Dakota Pipelines, all the way to the over-rated, emotional, insane Presidential election, increased hatred, unnecessary shootings, losing Prince and David Bowie and so many others we loved, to the silver linings: my sister following and working towards a passionate dream, a personal eye-opening and unexpected experience that forced me to accept and face reality, and then there are some specific loved ones who will triumph in the new year when they can finally get rid of the crap and baggage only to leave it behind in 2016 (yall know who you are). I think 2016 is a year to dump our shit. Leave the hatred, hurt, tears, and negativity behind.


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