Super Single Woman: Holiday Spectacular

By Puja

We take a break from Super Single Woman‘s regular adventures for a holiday interlude. Presented for you is Super Single Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays.

Read on for the Adventures of Super Single Woman in

“It’s A Craptastic Life”


As always you can access the comic here if you can’t read the image above: ssw-holiday-special

We will pick back up with the regular Adventures of Super Single Woman in 2017. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Things Keeping Me Sane This Week: The one thing I do to keep myself from turning into a complete Grinch is I make holiday cards for my friends every year. I like paper crafting; when they throw me in the sanatorium eventually, I will be in the corner making cards. I just love shopping for patterned paper and thinking about my theme for the year. I make about 40 cards by hand and send it to a list of curated ride or die friends, and telling them how grateful I am for their friendship makes me realize how lucky I am to have them. Tell your people you care about them!

BONUS Self-Care Thing: THE HAMILTON MIXTAPE!!!!!!!! My favorite song changes everyday but on repeat today is Usher’s rendition of “Wait For It.”

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