Happy Thanksgiving

By Sisters in Law Blog Staff

Time for another group post. In honor of Thanksgiving we are talking traditions, the ones from our childhoods that we take into our adulthood. What is interesting to point out is that none of us listed a specific food as a tradition. What are your Thanksgiving Traditions? Please list em, tweet em, or facebook em to us.

Q: What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition, specific to your childhood, that you keep alive as an adult?


No real family traditions really. We normally got with extended family and ate, but there wasn’t anything I would consider too traditional. Just gathering and eating. Something my family does best. This year is going to be different for me since I won’t be anywhere around them. I’m spending Thanksgiving in California specifically, with my cousins in L.A.






Quick and dirty: my favorite tradition is the Turkey Trot. Admittedly haven’t done it in two years but it was always something to look forward. Maybe because people are generally happy and kind. Maybe because little ones and dogs in turkey costumes is endearing. Or because there is Something gratifying about burning calories before you intake way way more.


I always see my sister. We do a fantastic meal and I like to watch the dog show.

rashee-thanksgivingImage courtesy of  www.vvofhamburg.com 


Our traditions start with the same questions: what time do the Cowboys play? Who is coming? And then my sister who can cook and I have secret conversations about the menu to avoid questionable dishes served in the past (i.e., My late grandmother’s tomato aspic – it’s tomato juice & gelatin). Then we divvy up the assignments,  making sure the sister who cant cook is involved, but not too much. Day of: we eat too early, break for naps and then come back later for second helpings of pie.


My family doesn’t really have a Thanksgiving tradition unless you count ‘be done by 7pm, and be in bed my 9pm.’ I [used] to love cooking and actually had a whole post around Thanksgiving food, but this year sucks and I can’t be bothered to care (said the woman who is making winter squash agrodolce for Thanksgiving). I think my personal Thanksgiving tradition is to avoid traditional Thanksgiving food. Happy Fartsgiving.

Also because I am that person, I am going to bring my soapbox up here with me. America feasts on the myth that Native Americans were people to be conquered in order to colonize this great land. During a time when we are being asked to come together to fight oppression in all forms, I urge you to read up on what is happening over at Standing Rock, North Dakota. What you need to know is that by creating a militarized zone around these protectors, we are only reinforcing a painful legacy of Native American disenfranchisement we were founded on. So this Thanksgiving, while we tout our camaraderie with the ‘generous natives’ let is not forget that right now in this country we are once again suppressing Native Americans rights of existence. There is something you can do, please read all about Standing Rock and what you can do to help the #NoDAPL movement at Native Appropriations.


Happy Thanksgiving

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