Elections in the Workplace

Our fair lovelies! We are struggling with the aftermath of the election too and as we try to work through it, we may come to you from time to time for some interaction to check in with you and practice some communal self-care. So reply to the following question on below:

Did your Job / Office in any way address the 2016 Elections with you post-11/9? Is this something your workplace/industry normally does? How did it go over?

Comment Below and Let us know.


From Puja:

Yes, my job did discuss it in a team meeting format. Our boss muddled through it, I do not know if elections are normally discussed so formally in my workplace (I haven’t been working here that long) but it kind of made sense to address it since I work in the financial industry. But that was only part of the conversation that was had. It was stilted and weird and I think talked about inclusiveness and all that. I could tell that my executive wouldn’t rather be doing this. Then today I saw we were all assigned a diversity training. I took notes, it will be the focus of a blog post this week. So please let us know how your job got it right and/or how they got it wrong in their handling of the post-election expectations.

Featured Art/Image created by Jack Moreh

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