Eve of History

By the Sisters In Law Blog Staff

Happy Election Day Eve. We have made it! It will all be over by this time tomorrow. We hope you all made it out to the polls to cast your vote. Remember, election day is EVERY year. Don’t forget you have to care this much next year too. However you voted, remember we are stronger together and let’s all pledge to find common ground to negotiate the changes that are surely coming. CONGRATULATIONS ON SURVIVING THE 2016 ELECTIONS. Here are our pictures of us voting (I think we all early voted). For those of you going to the polls tomorrow, good luck, be civil, report voter suppression if you see it, you can do it. We believe in you. We will be on Twitter on Election Day, follow us @SILBlog2016.

Here are all the Election 2016 Posts we’ve had this year:

Debate Reaction

Hillary’s Nomination


Voting Smart

Millennial Voting

Donald Trump and Gas Lighting Parallels

President’s Day






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