Managing Work Stress

By The Sisters In Law Blog Staff

photo by Tito Sok (c) 2016

It is Sneha’s first day of her big murder trial, and that inspired our group post topic today. As usual, we ask for your input and participation here or on the facebook page. 

Q: How do you handle stress or prepping for a big presentation/deadline/meeting/trial/interview/etc. at work?


I usually stress myself out unnecessarily, get sick, can’t sleep, watch too much TV (avoidance) only to know that it’ll all work out…but do I change my ways? No.


To prep for an important thing, I lay out everything the night before so as not to leave anything to chance in the morning. I like to take all decision making of dumb stuff off the table – which suit? Which shoes? Which color of lipstick? Uber or metro? What time should I leave? Should I eat breakfast? And so on. Lately for me, it’s been interviews so I practice my elevator speech and canned answers to questions like “tell us about yourself” and “why do you want to work here?”


I would love to say that the night before I try to do everything I love. I eat something I love, I veg out and watch my favorite things, and go to bed early. That sounds so night before your execution. I think 2016 has kicked me in the back so many times, that I’ve re-prioritized what is important to me. My day to day job doesn’t save the world, so it doesn’t matter if I fail. There are enough people to tell me if I mess up or fail, and I will take it as a learning moment, and not as a personal reflection of my overall worth as a person. I am not my job. So what ends up happening is I stay up too late (binging on Netflix), probably drink half a bottle of wine and get three hours of sleep. It helps that [I feel] I do better under pressure…or maybe I subconsciously set myself up to fail, in case I do fail, I have a reason? FML.


I normally over think it a bit, but not obsessively, and hype myself up with little pep talks. I run different scenarios in my head and think about my responses.I even get cocky thinking I got something before I really have it which then leads to my own disappointment when I don’t.


For High pressure deadlines, I usually rely on Red Bull as my sole sustenance and have a penchant for pulling almost all-nighters by going over my presentation several times…obsessively reciting in shower, before bed, on commute…


I make lists. Multiple lists and over and over. I am oddly calm when I get to cross things off my list. Pen on paper lists – I like the tangible. It’s satisfying like a perfect dinner, dessert, or ‘encounter.’

Once everyone answered on the text string, Sneha said this:

“OMG why do we stress our fabulous asses off when all of us deserve a MF crown?”

In case you need more than commiserating about work stress, please please raise your hand. No one benefits if you collapse. Check out the following resources on dealing with work stress for more info:

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