By Sneha

First thing I do when I get to work every morning is read the news, anything from CNN to FOX to local sites; in my line of work, it’s important to know what happened last night…and by that I mean crime. And of course as all of y’all know, it’s been Trump and Hillary making the headlines everywhere all day! The last thing I need to see is a blown up picture of Trump before I’ve had my coffee. It’s like the posts are geared to give you nightmares…the facial expressions, the hair and don’t get me started on the same arrogant nonsense. Same shit, new day. Then we have the robbery which pops up here and there…was it a set-up for attention or was it real. No one cares! And the clowns? Seriously, we call that news? When have they not been creepy? Anyone who dares to look like that in public should be avoided, I say run like hell the other way!

So I turn to Robert Downey, Jr. He and I share the same sentiment:


I know I’m not the only one who is sick and tired of hearing about the same stories; no matter how you twist it or try to re-invent it, it’s still the same thing – can we move on?

So here’s some actual news: it’s finally cooler and beginning to feel like fall! The State Fair of Texas ends this Sunday. The sisters of this fabulous blog [minus ones L and N] plan to have a reunion this weekend! Sadly I have now watched every episode of Fixer Upper; I love Chip and JoJo! If you haven’t seen it, I promise it’s/they’re awesome! Side note: I want to change careers to flipping houses and/or interior design. My huge unnecessary online order of clothes and purses (all of which I can’t afford and will probably return) should arrive on Saturday. I will be planning my first trip to New York this weekend and cannot wait for this mini-vacation – hence the shopping spree. I have a murder trial starting on Monday so pray for me. The Walking Dead returns on October 23, 2016 and I cannot wait!!! I finally went to the dentist and great news: no cavities! Bad news: I have to start wearing a mouth guard. I’m getting my mane cut tomorrow and desperately need a new look. Last but not least, tomorrow is pay day FRIDAY!

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