Debate Reaction

By Puja
Last night was the second of three debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We are two-thirds done with the 2016 Election. If you live in the state of Texas, tomorrow is the last day you can register to vote. Gizmodo has prepared this handy post that tells you how to register to vote in your state. You, like us, may have had some extreme reactions to what was seen and said before and during that debate. I live-tweeted the entire thing (follow me @Meanrice), which we have included for you below.
My big take-aways from this debate were the following:
  • “Locker Room Talk” are not just words. They are dangerous words. Language that expresses desires of demeaning and victimizing women cannot be treated lightly.
    • Don’t think sexual assault is an actual problem/issue? I beg to differ.
    • Athletes say they don’t talk like that in locker rooms.
    • Also, October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. If you want to know the stats, learn how to be an ally, or just get educated about the topic, I would suggest starting with the Domestic Violence Awareness Program site
  • The Constitution would no longer be a living document if the male candidate prevails in November.
    • Islamaphobia – the suggestion that we encourage our citizens to report each other sounds exactly like what Hitler and what Kim Jong Un does.
      • #MuslimsReportStuff on Twitter is hilarious though.
    • Throwing your political opponents in jail – several bill of rights issues with this, including the first amendment’s freedom of speech and the sixth amendment’s right to fair trial. But we all know he has a trend of silencing detractors, you know who else does that? Robert Mugabe. Don’t know who he is? Well here you go.
    • Secret military missions? What will they be? Killing detractors?
  • Her ovaries are made of steel
    • Her opponent brought women who are accusing her husband of rape solely to rattle her. Maybe next debate she should bring all the victims of his crimes to sit in the front row.
    • He stalked the stage and loomed behind her like the most basic of bullies, at one point you saw her look to see where he was on the stage, which I personally identify with because I do this. I am conscious of when I start taking note of my surroundings, and it is when I feel personally threatened
    • He continued to call her names, obfuscate facts, and attack her and she stood there and withstood it. Regardless of your politics, can you say that you would have been able to last 90 minutes in the face of that?

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