Dieting = TORTURE

By Sneha

My current dilemma, I know millions struggle with a LOT worse, but here’s my whine fest (bear with me). I’ve tried it a million times but why is it so damn hard? Oh yea, it’s because I LOVE to eat, and not just what’s bad for me. I love fruit and vegetables and quinoa and milk and dark chocolate and wait….oh that’s right, I like everything So we move onto moderation. A word no where in my dictionary, I start with three Oreos and always end up eating five. (I feel and see eye rolls).


Bad, ridiculous, lack of self-control…I know. Eating only nutritious food is my next step. Indian food is yum and nutritious: lentils, spices (all have a purpose for digestion, skin, etc), vegetables, etc….so I started cooking at home. Complete failure because it never tastes anything like my mom’s and it’s a constant disappointment; which then leads to a short but intense segment of home-sickness. So I got some quinoa recipes. Out of 10 I liked one and let me tell you it was not as healthy as anticipated at the end.

Next, let’s try offsetting working out vs. what I eat. That will only work if I work out at least 4 hours every day of every week until the day I die. That is not going to work. Especially since lately, the more I work out, the more I want to eat Worse, the more I think I’m entitled to eat It’s not looking good guys.

My last attempt: the smoothie diet. First off, OMG how do people do this or the juice cleanse? My stomach has a mind of its own that tells me I’m still hungry unless I chew – I have to chomp on something for my stomach to think “ok, she ate something therefore I’m full and so I will stop annoying her with my hunger needs.”  Drinking anything, no matter how thick and full of fiber and protein just doesn’t seem to cut it. So, instead, I end up eating a “snack” (mind you we call it a snack but it can easily become a full meal) after and that just makes worse, a double meal, again a fail.

So tonight, I finally tried the most healthy “baked” ratatouille recipe I could find. (I love the movie and hell, if the rat can do it, well…no judgment.) I was excited. I was proud…ok, it’s actually tasty with the winter coming I have some amazing crock pot recipes and soups and chowders…let’s hope they’ll take.

Here’s my cry for help: if you have any delicious recipes, please, please, PLEASE feel free to share because I promise I’ll try it. Needs to be flavorful but no matter the ingredients (minus red meat), I’m game Comment! Share! Please! I’m desperate! Stay tuned….for a winter make over 🙂 .

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