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Another Group Post! This one was inspired by BuzzFeedFood’s Instagram ask “Describe Yourself In 3 foods” post last Thursday. Thanks to Nancy for initiating. Add yours to the comments or the Facebook page! Unless otherwise stated, all photos are courtesy of Flickr.



So I’ve been thinking: mother eff I’m comfort food and I don’t know how I feel about that: mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, and pad see ew. I wish I was a pepper or something exotic, but nope.



Rice: May be bland but I’m a staple. Siracha: cause I’d like to think that I’m a great addition to most plates. Cotton Candy: I can be sweet, but it is fleeting.



Fries: comforting, simple yet versatile, a great sidekick that’s fulfilling and complements many. Popsicle: freezing cold, but delightful nevertheless. Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs: southern raised, no BS, classic and true.



This was really really hard for me. Curry Chicken: I am West Indian; I am from Trinidad and my mother is from Guyana. If you are West Indian you know that there is a huge divide on whether this dish is called “Curry Chicken” (Trinidad) or “Chicken Curry” (Guyana).A food that comes with controversy? Yes please. I chose this because it is saucy, spicy, and meaty. Doubles: again, this is a food specific to Trinidad and I’d like to think this is Trinidad’s version of a taco, street food done right. Simple ingredients, packs such a flavorful punch, a food for all occasions, and messy. Finally Ramen: rich broth, chewy noodles, a perfect egg, and literally any other topping you want. It speaks to my love of accessorizing and trying new things. AANND you are supposed to slurp it. Yay food.


courtesy of olive garden

Guys, am I a basic bitch? Maybe I should change my answers. To pumpkin spice latte, kale smoothie, and almond milk.



Dark chocolate: my personality and humor, and it is better for you. 🙂 Jalapenos: my temper and take on life and I use it on everything. Pizza: because it comes in various forms – pan, flat, stuffed crust with endless toppings just like my multiple personalities/personas. Deep for a Monday, huh?

Let us know what you three foods are describe you.

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