By Sneha


A friend recently sent this to me and I couldn’t help but laugh. But then it got me thinking. I strongly believe in fate and things working out for the best but when you seriously come down to the nuts and bolts of life, it comes down to one thing: choices. Problem is, it’s so much easier to blame luck, responsibilities, or anything else than ourselves.

Go with me on this one.

I had a huge argument with an uncle fresh out of law school (who mind you has lived at home with his parents his whole life, has a wonderful wife, and works for the family business so in my eyes, as a single professional with debt, rent, bills, etc…how can he ever understand since he’s never really had to “live on his own”) but now years later, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I kind of agree!
He chose to live at home, he chose to not have debt, he chose.

So I ask (you and of course myself) we choose things every day, ranging from simple things like what we’ll eat for lunch to important life changing decisions like where we work and who we spend the rest of our life with. We have choices. We begin to choose the moment we wake up. For example, I try to wake up every morning and think of something positive; try to look forward to something that day and make sure that I smile instead of grunt when my alarm goes off. When we get to work, we choose to be happy, cranky or optimistic. We choose whether to continue on an unhappy daily routine of shower, breakfast, work, gym, dinner, TV or a book. It can lead us to ruining an entire day when we choose to hold a grudge (I’m frequently guilty of) or having the best day by putting yourself first and living life to make you happy.

Now I know we all don’t all live on an equal playing field but how quick are we to blame our parents, economic status, financial status, handicaps, and other life obstacles? Whether you grew up in the suburbs attending a private school or you were raised by a single parent who barely made ends meet; we all can dictate our future by the choices we make.

Everyone faces curve balls that life throws; but the crucial step is how we handle that. I see criminals every day that clean up and live wonderfully productive lives. Look at the amazing talent at the Paralympics, to the veterans who have seen and been through the worst all the way to the victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. They all show us the courage, perseverance and bravery through their choices. It’s what we make of it…when life gives you lemons, what do you do? Buy some vodka for your lemonade.

I truly believe that what you choose to do, how you choose to live, where you choose to be (happy or miserable) is all in our hands. Now it’s easy to say, because we have to earn a living, and have responsibilities, and/or have dependents. I’m not saying jump ahead and buy that Porsche and mansion; but start small. Our choices will determine how each day will unfold. It’s a practice, one which has been difficult for me but as soon as I feel myself reaching for an excuse, I focus back on me and carefully examine MY choice. Finally, this rant brings me to the election. We discuss, poke fun at, and bitch at what’s going on in our society but this November will be vital to our country’s future. So I encourage, plead, no I demand you go out and have your voice heard. Remember we all have a choice; actually it’s not only a choice but a privilege for you to go out and take a stand and VOTE!

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