Food. Period. Repeat.

By: Sisters In Law Blog Team

Hey lovelies! Laura is officially on maternity leave. She and her daughter are doing well. Post a congrats note to her on Twitter (@mobs511) if you are so inclined.

Since she will be off being a fabulous mom, and forging a path none of the regular contributors of the blog have done (having more than one bebe), we can expect more funny and poignant “New Mom” pieces from her in the future. Until then, the rest of us will try and pick up the slack. Seems like a perfect time to put out the plea for guest bloggers.

You have something to say? Say it. We do have restrictions on what we will publish (basically nothing fueled or filled with hate, violence, or negativity), we want you to feel comfortable sharing, and make this a safe space.

Back to the business at hand, until she returns, Laura’s usual Monday spot will feature a random entry every week (unless we feature a guest blogger), these are meant to be interactive, so comment here or on the Facebook page.

Q: What is your go to period food?

Puja: Fried Chicken. Specifically, fried chicken skin. Something about the salty crunchy skin. I mean I have to eat the entire piece of chicken because I don’t want to waste food, but man there is nothing as comforting as a piece of fried chicken skin dipped in a really spicy ketchup or pepper vinegar or anything umami. Why is what I crave so unhealthy?



Sneha: Chocolate, French Fries, Chocolate.



Nancy: I’m like an endless pit the week leading up. My cravings vary but, they’re pretty much carbs, starchy foods, fast Chinese, etc. The week of I hardly have an appetite and I’m exhausted no matter how many hours of sleep I got.



Rashee: I don’t have a go to food. Maybe coffee? I get a lot sleepier. I know that’s lame. I either eat a ton or not at all. It’s feast or famine periods for me.

From @morris_catherine / Instagram


Mey: Sweet and Salty: think caramel / cheese popcorn, Nutella dip with pretzels, McDonald’s fries and their ice cream cone.



Just in case you are curious:

  • Why do women crave specific foods during their periods? It boosts serotonin is why.
  • Certain foods make your period pain worse – ironically it is all the foods we just said we crave. Oh irony, we hate you.
  • Good Food that help battle PMS pain/bloating/fatigue exist!
  • Extra special tiredness during your period? Try these tips
  • And if food isn’t part of your period self-care, the Pulp Zine has some ideas for indulgences that may be effective and not as hard on your diet.


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