By Sneha

Recently I had a conversation with some friends about treating split ends and it got me thinking. The list of things women have to keep on top of is ridiculous! Why is upkeep so hard and time consuming and EXPENSIVE??? We all can agree that it should be mandatory and more importantly, expected for everyone to shower/bathe, brush teeth or Listerine the hell out of your morning breath and slap on some deodorant. But for women, where do we stop? Is there a line that at times we’ve crossed? Or have we crossed that line and it’s too late to come back?

I did some calculations and oh my GOD I spend a lot on “upkeep.” Whether its pedicures, manicures, hot oil treatments, haircuts, plucking, facials, waxing, laser treatments, shaving, threading, the list never ends! Why do we subject ourselves to such pain, and so frequently? Is it to fit in? To look like everyone else (I sure as hell don’t). Real question is do you actually enjoy it or do we all just want what the most recent celebrity had done?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not promoting free flowing hair on legs or armpits, I’m not that liberated; but has society, and by society I mean mainstream media, the fashion industry, and celebrities, forced women to look and act a certain way? Why can’t we be unique and more importantly, be accepted for being different? Whether it is not shaving (still not ok with this but I admire the bravery) or wearing a hijab for cultural purposes or just living in modesty like the Amish. Why are we so quick to judge and point fingers?

So I turn to Lucy. She’ll forever be remembered for that fiery red hair and of course her crazy sitcom, I Love Lucy. As an actress and comedian she was never tamed, timid or shy. She was herself which is what drew audiences to her. Being unique is not a bad thing. Being true to your self is something we should encourage in our young adults. Striving to look like, act like and sound like what we see on TV or read in a magazine is deterring the unique and raw potential each person holds. I too was a victim to this, wanting to look a certain way, whether it was hair, body type or skin color. But thankfully with amazing family and friends I stayed true to my own and I strut a style I love and am proud of (which my sister frequently disapproves of), accept and ignore my imperfections, flaunt my scars, voice my opinions (loudly at times), and upkeep for me and only me.

So here’s my speech:

It’s ok to have red hair. It’s ok to have curves. It’s ok to not be a size 2, 4, 6, etc. It’s ok to love and be loved. It’s ok to try new things. It’s ok to take risks. It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to say yes.
It’s ok to be who you truly are. It’s ok.


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