I’m Offended

By Sneha

Has the phrase lost all meaning? Lately, every time you turn on the radio or watch television, there’s something new to be offended about. Whether it’s a political stance, a personal decision (like not standing up for our national anthem) or some idiot making a comment on race or religion; everywhere we look there’s something for everyone. Question is, have we become too sensitive or have we just evolved into hateful opinionated human beings (not all of us of course)?


I laughed when I saw this picture because it made me think. I try to read the news every morning before I start the day and the headlines are usually something “offensive” or at the least controversial. Naturally we all have opinions that we usually discuss amongst those close to us. But lately, it seems that everything needs to be publicly discussed on talk shows or political campaigns or radio stations causing unnecessary stir. Now I don’t want to diminish the major and actual offensive issues people face, but I’d like to turn this around. I think there are some basic issues that we seem to ignore and unfortunately I, along with most of you, face every day, such as:

Body odor and bad breath – I still can’t figure out which is worse
Poor or even worse no manners
Lack of chivalry
Wardrobe – believe me when you work in the courthouse, you see EVERY thing
Lack of common sense
Bad hygiene
Voluntary stupidity
Horrific grammar

I am a firm believer in the quote “to each his own,” but when you have to interact with others, there should be some ground rules. I mean how hard is it to keep a stick of deodorant in your car, read or watch the news every so often, and keep your mouth shut when you don’t know shit? I know y’all agree, so I ask, when did it become acceptable to go to public establishments, especially places of business in pajamas, not wear a tie in court or demand respect from strangers? We ignore these oh-so common offensive traits, why? Is it because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or is it because we don’t want to be the ‘bad guy.’  My job forces me to interact with a variety of people ranging from criminals to a variety of professionals and I can say that education, wealth, and a well-fitted suit does not make you a “better person” by any stretch (see list of complaints above). I am continually surprised at the integrity (or lack thereof) that certain people possess. All I can say is never judge a book by its cover. I think it’s about time we start to call people out on these unfortunate offensive traits that have become a little too common especially now that I’m running low on candles and febreeze!

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