Adventures of Super Single Woman III

By Puja

Last time we were with Super Single Woman, she had met a new friend, Svengali. Svengali give her a list of rules to live by, mostly they were tools for her to become self-actualized. But as Super Single Woman is learning, it truly is easier said than done.

We pick up her journey on a day when she is attempting to feel beautiful. I have it on good authority that the Super Single Woman is told she is pretty and/or beautiful by women only. She is fine with this as she feels that women are better equipped to judge another woman’s beauty objectively. It is a high compliment for another woman to call her beautiful. Now if she can only believe it…

SSW Ch 3 8-31-16


Mundane Adventures await in Chapter 4: “The Blerghs.”

*Author’s note – sorry if this isn’t large enough. You can try and access it via: SSW ch 3.

Things Keeping Me Sane: Well I wanted to write about Halo Top Ice Cream here (no pint is over 300 calories) but I am on a juice fast this week and it is not making me happy to abstain from this. Have I mentioned Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah in this space yet? I hope not. If you love rich prose pick this book up. If you are an immigrant (like me!) or even know one, read this book. I relate to the journey of Ifemelu being a once empowered and self-assured woman but running up against things so foreign and weird to her that she loses herself. I am not done yet, slowly reading to savor the deliciousness of the writing. Phrases such as “emotionally malnourished” and “pashmina of the wounded” are peppered throughout. Also if you want a lesson on how it feels to be on the receiving end of piles of micro-aggressions, read this book.

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