What Women Really Want

By Sneha

*Disclaimer: this of course does not represent ALL women; just the fabulous ones I know.

Traditionally, women are expected to want a family, a loving husband, a man who will be a caring father to her children, a house filled with laughter, love, and memorable family gatherings. It’s how I grew up and it was absolutely wonderful. But now women have personal goals whether it is a hobby or a career…SO is a balance of both worlds really too much to ask for?

I am blessed to have so many successful women in my life who not only inspire me but also teach and guide me in my own life’s roller coaster. Each woman has her own obstacle and by no means am I saying that there aren’t women out there who don’t want that perfect prince, but here I go, I’m about to burst every man’s ego!

What do women really want? We want designer shoes, lavish international trips to exotic beaches, the perfect all-year tan, and a butler standing ready with a dirty martini as you arrive home after work wouldn’t hurt. Women want all day shopping sprees, never having to shave her legs and to eat and eat and eat without having to worry about getting fat!

We want you to stop reminding us that our biological clock is ticking because if Aunt Flo is visiting, you may end up in the ER. Women want to achieve, succeed, and be inspired just like anyone else. It’s a different world filled with so many opportunities and inspirational women who continue to pave our path and drive us all to want more, to strive for the gold (sorry Olympic fever – see Monday’s post). Don’t get me wrong, we want our wishes and goals to be respected and supported but we also want companionship where all sacrifices aren’t expected from the woman’s side; chivalry, romance and manners don’t need to die.

I invite anyone out there daring to comment on how we can change this so there is 50/50 balance; so women aren’t driven to individual, self-supporting, society shaming life-styles where the perfect man doesn’t make the top 10 priority list. I understand there are compromises necessary but why are only those who sacrifice their choices, careers and families allowed the “traditional family life” all the while miserable; whilst she who strives to achieve her dreams is looked down upon if she isn’t married or procreating by a certain age?

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