To React Or Not To React, That Is The Question.

by Sneha

Some may say I have a bit of a short temper, and I may agree, but lately it seems that EVERYone has an opinion about EVERYthing or worse, some long winded opinion that includes no realistic solution. Nothing intelligent or remotely helpful, such as:

“Well, if I were you…” WELL YOU’RE NOT so shut up; or
“Well, if you had done this weeks ago…” hindsight is NO HELP, thanks; or
“Well, I knew so and so who had the same issue…” STOP, STOP, STOP RIGHT THERE!

For the most part, I can honestly say that the choices I have made thus far made me who I am today and I have almost zero regrets (from my unofficial personal research “almost zero” is normal and acceptable because zero = denial and all regrets is a post to be named 911). Could and should I have taken more risks? Probably, but I stand by the decisions I made and the paths I pursued. So when I complain or just have a bad day and need to vent, let me. Don’t we all deserve a random “bitch session” throughout the year? However, there is always that one asswipe that has to say something to discourage and minimize what you’re going through. So I say:

Sneha 7-21

I’m sure we can all relate; it’s the moment when you begin to feel the lava in the pits of your stomach start to churn. My blood starts to boil, my face turns bright red, and I usually start to yell in nonsensical sentences. That one douche makes a short-lived/half day meltdown into a week long conversation, or worse, a blog post!

Yes, this happened recently so I’m sharing this so I can continue to vent. I don’t understand why a simple “I’m sorry” or “How can I help” or even a hug aren’t the top 3 options. Some people are spiteful and bitter, or maybe they are just plain mean. Why can’t they just remain quiet and go about dealing with their own shit instead of trying to intervene with their worthless advice.

So this is for all yall out there who are going through something difficult and then some asshole tells you to get over it…..FEEL FREE to stick it to them where the sun don’t shine (not my words but one of my favorite phrases).

Usually, my first thought is to physically respond but since I know I don’t look good in stripes, I just shoot off my mouth. Someone’s gotta put them in their right place. So as the saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say *or positive then don’t say anything at all. Meaning, kindly keep your damn opinions to yourself. Thank you.

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