Live and Let Live.

by Sneha

God Bless the victims of Orlando and all the other survivors out there that have had to or worse, continue to endure this hate. My blood still boils thinking of the events that recently took place. However, in light of this horrific and unspeakable act of selfishness, I want to make a statement: mind your own damn business! It’s not illegal!

You don’t like a restaurant, don’t eat there.
You don’t like a neighborhood, don’t go there.
You don’t like someone, don’t call them.

Newsflash: we don’t have to agree on everything and we don’t have to get along!
You live your life and let others live theirs. It’s that simple!

Sneha 6-23.png

I love this quote! You don’t agree with a lifestyle, fine. Then YOU don’t live it. I write this because my heart goes out to this brave community. I don’t know many, but the few I know or have met are truly wonderful fun people; I have yet to meet a bad seed. What another chooses in their personal life is no concern of mine or yours. They work, pay taxes and get no extra breaks so why are they a target? Which leads me to this: when did we lose focus from pursuing our own life/journey to happiness, success, and love, to focusing on someone else’s life? Is it avoidance, like the murderer in Orlando? Unfortunately even with today’s numerous medicinal and technological advancements, we have lost our roots, traditions, values, and morals. When did hate become the center fold in our lives? We spend way too much time, money and effort on futile issues while the rest of our society wastes away in debt, the lazy leach off welfare, the brave are lost overseas, and politicians blind us of the truth. Why?

I say you are beyond stupid for caring so much for something you hate. Focus on yourself, find your own happiness and keep your opinions, misery and shit at home.

One thought on “Live and Let Live.

  1. The perpetrator was struggling with precisely orthodox ‘roots, traditions, values, and morals’ in the face of his own confused sexuality, “American” upbringing and seems to have suffered a psychological rupture that made him go on the ghastly rampage. The issue is highly complicated by the lack of attention given to the precise nature of his breakdown, the ease of his acquiring an assault rifle (which implies anybody going through a personal crisis can choose to unleash it on others taking an unimaginably high toll in the process), the very real presence of the homophobic discourse in American society and the utter failure of good ol’ FBI who knew of him yet not his potential. The perpetrator might be an individual, the tragedy is wholly systemic, oft repeated and a particular marker of American society. Focussing only on him means missing the forest for the trees.


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