Daddy’s Little Girl

by Nancy

It’s been said a woman should marry a man that is like her father. I will admit there aren’t too many men that I’ve encountered quite like my dad.

I’m my father’s only biological child. I have a brother who is ‘technically’ adopted but, he’s not treated any different especially since he was around 9ish years before I was born. He’s a momma’s boy and I am daddy’s little girl…yes, even at 33. I still kiss him every time I see him. I still hold his hand when we’re out in public. From the outside it might seem weird but, it’s comforting to me and I think to him too. I still call him ‘Daddy’ although my cousins have made fun of me before saying that I was too old to call him that. What can I say, old habits die hard, man.

Growing up as a child, almost every Saturday morning I’d hear Black Magic Woman by Carlos Santana blaring throughout our home. It was my dad’s unique way of waking me up. What he didn’t realize was, this developed my love and appreciation of music. My dad LOVES music. He recorded anything and everything that had to do with musical performances whenever there was a televised concert or award show on. No genre was spared. He listens to it ALL, much like I do. It’s true, he and I aren’t musically talented. We don’t sing or play an instrument or anything like that but, music is in our soul.

My Dad is amazing. He’s the hardest working person I know. He’s held 2 jobs for 25+ years. He’s well past the age of retirement but, refuses to stop working. He says he’ll retire when my mom does. She’s still got another year or so before that. When he was fighting prostate cancer, he acted like it was nothing was wrong. He didn’t want anyone to treat him different and got annoyed if they did. He’s mostly passive (another trait I get from him) but, to me, he’s affectionate, playful, and simply the strongest person in my family. He’s got a routine that knows no time zone change. He’s a man of few words but, when he speaks, I listen….mostly. He has raised me to have a strong work ethic, taught me to be loyal and independent.

I AM my father’s daughter and damn proud of it.

Side Note: Sadly, I’ve neglected the blog and any contributions on my part. Life has been quite a whirlwind with all the new changes in my life (relocating and whatnot.) My bad y’all. I’ll be better.

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