Patience is a Virtue

by Sneha

sneha 6-9

Something my dad has tried to teach me since I can remember. Unfortunately, the combination of my personality, and ever-so-slight stubbornness, makes this difficult, especially when it comes to teaching/training versus just doing it myself, biting my tongue when I know I’m right but it would be in my best interest to remain quiet, giving my opinions to loved ones or even colleagues when I’ve been through it knowing my advice may backfire, and swallowing an aggressive argument (or scream) so my Judge won’t throw me in the holdover.

It is funny how fate, God, whatever you believe in brings you what you hate the most; Is it to challenge you? I’ll go with that so I don’t lose my sanity. I don’t expect recognition but I am getting a little tired of this “test.” It’s been years so I think, is it because I failed or is it just the “greater power” waiting for me to crack? I’ve refrained from committing a crime, due to a co-worker’s incompetence, supervisor’s appalling “mistake,” defense attorney’s arrogance or lack of experience, family members’ idiocracy, or a Judge’s ego when everyone above and below ground know he’s wrong but God forbid we correct the man or woman in power or a robe.

Biting my tongue and trying to keep a poker face is not my forte, I’ll be the first to agree. But if I do, does that make me a pushover or is it in my right? I’ve contemplated this for a long time so at this stage in my life I say fuck it. (sorry mom)

Many of us have come to a point in our lives and careers where we know we should stand up for what we believe is right. We are not demanding immediate change or action but it’s a tyranny when we can’t professionally and respectfully address issues as educated adults. Is it sheer egos, political positions or aspirations, or the mere fear of not being accepted or ‘liked’ that get in the way of adults acting with respect in their professional roles and engaging in change? Is it the fear of not being voted home-coming queen/king the only thing standing in the way of what is right and wrong? Have the characteristics of jealousy, competition, arrogance, and ignorance allowed those in power to excuse their responsibility they once promised to us?

Patience is a virtue, I completely agree. It should be an inspiration, salvation and solution to so many of our life’s struggles. The scary question is why is this simple characteristic an unacceptable trait and why do we discard it and worse doubt it?

One thought on “Patience is a Virtue

  1. Over time I have become more patient. At work and at home. Middle aged, I don’t worry about getting everything done. It feels good. I should have tried this years ago. The side benefit is that others in my sphere seem to prefer this casual new me . . .maybe not the strangers in a rush, but those affected by my harried manner. Oh . . .shoot I should write a post about this before I go to bed. Nahhhh. Maybe tomorrow if I remember.


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