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Welcome to the first Sisters In Law Blog Reacts post. In this space we hope to bring you honest reactions to major issues as close to real time as we can muster.

Our inaugural reaction piece commemorates the presumptive nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton as the first woman to officially represent a major party in a U.S. Presidential election.

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Laura: I do not believe in straight line party tickets.  I refuse to follow someone solely because they have the right (or left) letter behind their name.  I believe this woman will be judged more harshly for her hair, her shoes, her awful clothes (a $12K Armani jacket when delivering a speech on inequality?!), but that is petty and vain.  I believe in hope; good defeats evil; karma will prevail– even if I don’t get to see it; education and constant learning.  And I want to believe this woman will be a better fit for one of the most important roles the world has to offer; however, it comes with caution and reservation: do not rely on your gender, or your big name supporter(s), or your husband; admit your past follies and learn from them, and above all inspire HOPE in me that you will do your best to lead this country – all of us, not just those with a like-minded letter after their name.

Puja: Regardless of your gender or your politics (or your gender politics), you have to agree this is an immense achievement for women (even though we are behind the curve ball compared to other nations on this). This is a good counterbalance to the disgusting news coming out of Santa Clara County re: that rapist who can swim.

Mey: As the mother of a daughter, I am so excited that O may see a woman President in her lifetime! Echoing Puja, this is a huge contrast to the Stanford swimmer-rapist and his father’s comments and how terrified I feel about the day O goes off to college. We are breaking that glass ceiling in some ways, but barely tapping on it in others.

Sneha: We have been fighting for equal representation, pay, respect and acknowledgement for thousands of years.  Women have been at the front line for minority equality long before others with struggles, sacrifices and tears only this select group will and can understand.  I may not agree with all of Hillary’s history, but I can say I would be proud to finally break the barrier and have a female president representing my country.  To say it as lightly as possible, it’s about damn time!

Rashee: My mom and I watched her speech last night. I got teary when she talked about how proud her mom would have been of her. This is a big moment for women. Like my mom said last night, most third world countries have already had a female prime minister. Will be nice for us to catch up.

Nancy: Unable to be reached for comment.

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2 thoughts on “SIL Blog Reacts: Hillary Clinton

  1. Am very conflicted on Hillary’s news. Her condoning and choose to stick with a rampantly philandering husband (who was a President no less and held to a greater standard therefore) in spite of being that highly educated & qualified makes me lose respect for her as a human being. Plus she is not just a woman – she is white too and blindingly ambitious such that will tolerate a deep infidelity just to further her career goals and that scares me – she will be willing to sacrifice everything for political gains and sorry I can’t rejoice just as yet.


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