Tough Week

by Sneha

I am late with my usual Thursday post but here goes. This blog in particular is a shout out to my fellow bloggers and the rest of you who struggled to make it to Friday. So many around me seem to be going through something new, sad or life changing and I applaud their relentless, strong presence in my life. We all see our friends go through trials where we wish we had a magic wand or super hero powers to fix it all (yes, my superhero complex will be a post in the near future).

Combined with the last few months and after some recent conversations with friends, I realize that sometimes we are too quick to judge and we are frequently mistaken:


What do I mean? How often do we make assumptions? How often do we take what we have for granted and assume others’ lives are better? Why do we do this? Why do we compare?

Whether you are male or female
Whether you are rich or poor
Whether you are single or married
Whether you are with or without child
Whether you have advanced in your career as expected
Whether you have the big house you wanted by 35
Whether you have the body, weight or dress size you want
Whether you have found the love of your life
Whether you have the bank account you dreamed of
Whether you should have traveled more, saved more, loved more, risked more…

I hate how easy it is to compare our lives to another’s without the full story. Is it cultural, or has it become a petty way to compete against each other? What’s worse is that we do this amongst everyone, best friends, even siblings! Why? We all come with our own fate, talent and skills so why don’t we trust that, believe in ourselves and have faith? Easier said than done, I hear ya, but I want to remind ya’ll that everyone comes with a ‘front.’ It can include baggage, good/bad history, pain, happiness, accomplishment and failure. But don’t forget that each one of us has a history; and until you don’t get to know it, don’t judge, don’t hate and better yet, DO NOT ASSUME. You never know, so don’t assume the grass is greener on the other side; you may end up wanting to keep your own.

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