Comfort Food

by Laura

In life, I eat for more than just nourishment…

So here it is [Monday] afternoon and I’m late with my post. I shouldn’t be. I know its coming. I’ve even been formulating wise ideas all weeks. I’ve got loads of ideas: knowing how to pivot in your own life, the ugly side of pregnancy, how to comfort someone (or even yourself) during a struggle. But I don’t like any of them. I get half way through and drop the idea. I also have a cold and I’m pregnant which means the good drugs are not available to me. I seem to expect some epiphany like Doogie Houser at the end of an episode. When I sit down to type it should flow and be poetic. It doesn’t.

I walk to the fridge and pantry and back and forth – finding things that are in no way healthy, but make me happy and it brought back tidbits from my week. I heard a friend offer to send her father with Indian comfort food to another friend in need and it made me wonder what Indian comfort food entails and would I like it. My sister sent me a picture of several desserts my mother made for a party to make me jealous because she is there without me. My husband asked my mother-in-law to bring his favorite dessert, banana pudding, to dinner, and she brought my son’s favorite instead (chocolate cake – that’s my boy!).

For me food is a comfort. I take it for granted all the options that I have for each meal. I casually assume it will always be there for me. I am not limited to water and bread. My life, in comparison to some, is quite pedantic this week, but I have laughed, wept, slept awkwardly, and rested. And I have eaten. I keep my pantry stocked with tidbits and morsels that bring me a rush of joy and satiated my appetite and need for comfort when I can find it no other way.

I’ve got no words of advice, no helpful prose, no bra burning moment this week. But if you need a moment of silence, a kiss from a toddler who may or may not be spreading the plague, a hearty laugh, or a just a piece of chocolate, my doorbell is broken – so knock loudly, but please come by. My fridge is full and my pantry stocked. I find comfort in food and will happily share a plate with you too.

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