Get Off Your Pedestal

by Sneha


We all have a bad or an “off” day; when we may snap at a complete stranger, not give a pedestrian the right of way, or even cut someone off. It’s a part of life to be mean or angry, ONCE IN A WHILE.

But what excuses the everyday assholes who think they are so entitled? Recently, I have had the delayed realization that I observe this too often and I’m sick of it. You’d expect it from a slimy politician or an arrogant power hungry wannabe, but now are children are conforming! What does it say about our society? Our manners? Our respect for each other?
Bear with me as I call us out on this BS.

I am a public servant; NEVER in my entire life would I ever have imagined having a career or title with the word “servant.” But I am and scary enough, I am damn proud! I couldn’t imagine a more rewarding career. However, the work environment, personalities that become daily interactions and the common yet mistaken assumptions of this business makes me feel more like almost anything other than an educated and respected attorney. Why? I’ll tell you, because more and more people are becoming selfish, presumptuous and ignorant. Me first, I’m right, I’m in a hurry, period.

How do I tell adults that they must wait their turn; not to interrupt, that they are not better or deserve more respect based on some superficial reason like race, heritage, or the neighborhood they live in. *spoiler alert, it may actually work against you. Here’s a thought: where you went to school, who your daddy is or how much you have in your wallet means squat especially when we all ultimately face Armageddon.

These people, I loathe. I look around and see so many hardworking, honest people who are ignored and under-appreciated due to their job title, economic status, race, gender or even appearance. They are expected to do their job and be grateful; why because they lead lives involving struggles you couldn’t imagine, much less survive?
What if you didn’t have garbage men come to your house twice a week?
What if you didn’t have a plumber to call 24/7?
What if no one wanted to clean the suite at the all-inclusive resort you plan to visit this summer?

Is it discrimination based on wealth, status, or just ego? In one moment you could go from homeless to lottery winning millionaire, on the other hand, you could go from MC Hammer to broke and doing infomercials. When will people realize that you are no better than the lives you lead, the people you love and the actions you take? I hope the ones on these pedestals fall hard and fast so we can surround them and applaud: welcome to earth.

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