The Adventures of Super Single Woman II

By Puja

It is time for another installment of super single woman! I know you were waiting with baited breath. Did she complete her heart to stone protocol? Has she died inside to avoid future heart break? Those questions will have to wait while we go back in time to learn about the code Super Single Woman has adopted as her own

The setting: Super Single Woman is talking to “Svengali” her [bootleg] life coach. Our heroine met Svengali at a party and we have no clue why they bonded or why she internalizes his advice (especially when it is the same things Super Single Woman’s friends say to her).  I once asked Super Single Woman why Svengali’s advice are words of wisdom to her. She was cagey about it, but her response was basically that he doesn’t know that she is Super Single Woman, and his observations about her are based on her secret identity. I asked her why that was important ‘because what he sees in me and what I am capable of is based on me just being me. And the version of me he sees is apparently awesome.’  Poor Super Single Woman is either being conned or Svengali actually found a way to get through to her. Either way, Svengali was the ones who passed down “The Rules,” which is the code that Super Single Woman is trying to live by.  Let’s take a look at Chapter Two in The Adventures of Super Single Woman: The Rules.

SSW Comic II

Things Keeping Me Sane This Week: My friends. Like Sneha said last week, the power of keeping in touch and checking on people is not often recognized. But for those of you checking on me and my family, thanks. We appreciate it.

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