a brotha’ from anotha’ motha’, a sista’ from another mista’

by Sneha

We all go through times where we need a pick me up, a kind word or gesture; it can make a world of a difference. For those closest to me know that these last few weeks have been a roller coaster…and not in the good way. I always pride myself in being honest and true to my beliefs but it looks like it’s not going in my favor. However, lately, I’ve received a lot of support, sound advice, and encouragement from many and I am so grateful.

Most of this came from my “chosen” family: those who mysteriously came into my life and stuck. Not everyone is blessed with siblings, cousins or family, but all of us have a chance to form that bond with random people. Whether we meet at school, as neighbors, at work, or some random social event; these relationships sometimes mean more. Why?


Because YOU chose them! And best part is, they chose YOU!

It’s amazing to look back and see how much support, love and strength I received from my “chosen” family. We…..scratch that…..I take them for granted. But looking back, their own triumphs and obstacles become my own; I begin to feel their pain; and I look forward to celebrating their happiness and success. It’s an incredible feeling and I am so blessed to have my amazing chosen family.

As the eldest, I have to admit, I am extremely fortunate to have 2 fabulous, stylish, brilliant sisters (although I could kill the younger one at times and can’t understand the middle one at times). Sisters share a special bond which I am so lucky to share with not only 2 amazing women, but with a select number of accomplished women who came into my life as sistas’ from anotha’ mista’! I have learned and grown from each one of them.

Along that line, I also have many brothers, of random race, ethnicities and backgrounds. For me, it’s culturally and religiously very important to have a brother, for certain occasions, but I am lucky to have met a number who have not only been worthy of the name but have acted as a true “Indian” brother. Each one has made my life happier.

I want this to be a shout-out to the fact we don’t need to limit “FAMILY” to blood. My friends, also known as “refer to the title,” have come through and stood by me when no one else did. I am thankful. (don’t expect gifts)

I have a great family, but ultimately it’s those who will stand by you at your darkest hour, those who check on you when you most need it, and those who will drop everything to be at your side at a moment’s notice. Ya’ll know who you are; this group of bloggers have been my newest edition and I couldn’t be more thankful. I dedicate this post to ya’ll; your constant love, care and support (and constant tolerance for my spite, negativity and aggression) help me to get up every morning, put on a brave face, and prepare to fight whatever battle I may face that day.

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