Talk is Cheap

by Nancy

Nothing speaks louder than action and talk IS cheap. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this in my adult life.

Typically, I’ve used it in reference toward the f*#kboys one would encounter on a dating app however, recently, I’ve been repeating it to myself. I have been talking about relocating my life to sunny San Diego, CA for I’d say the past few years now. I decided, this year was THE year. I was done talking & thinking about it and I needed to just go.

Initially, I wanted to be out there within the first quarter of 2016. Then I bought a new car and had to adjust my budget a bit. To be honest, I got cold feet but, used the budget as my excuse because it was pretty valid. I was terrified and thought, maybe I wasn’t ready. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Texas. It’s home. It’s where my heart will always be but, I haven’t been fully happy and felt like I need a change of scenery. Luckily, there’s really nothing that is preventing me from uprooting my life but me. I’m fairly young still, no kids, and no serious love interest. All of these factors make it much easier.

Many of my friends were very supportive of the idea but, of course didn’t want me to go. I didn’t mention my desire to relocate to my family until I really decided to make moves. My SVP at work held one on one meetings with his staff about every 6 weeks or so. The typical things were discussed like, where do you see your career headed, are there any issues w/ your current position/managers and what are your goals blah blah blah. You know those conversations. During one of my first meetings with him, he brought up this ‘goal’ of mine and asked me about it. Apparently, he overheard me talking about it and was interested in why. I was honest and it was the reason why I wasn’t looking to further my career with the company. His reaction was positive and wanted to help me reach this goal. He has relocated his life multiple times himself and even jokingly said I should go right away. Not that he was trying to get rid of me but, thinking about it too long, the less likely you’ll actually go. He offered to help in anyway he could. I was relieved and grateful for this. He really believed in me and thought I’d be great no matter where I went.

Fast forward to early April 2016. After much contemplation I took action. First thing’s first, I NEED a form of income aka, a job. I popped my head in my SVP’s office and said, I decided a tentative date and needed his help and resources. He requested an updated resume and within hours of forwarding this, I received a call from a recruiter from a company I’d been eyeing. A phone interview was scheduled for the following day which I felt went really well. A few weeks later when the SVP of that department was in town we had a formal face to face interview.

At this time, I knew I needed to tell my parents about what was going on. It wouldn’t be right to blindside them if I were to get a job and move out of nowhere. I went for a visit on a Saturday afternoon and explained there was a job I had interviewed for and if I get it, I’d be relocating. I wasn’t sure how’d they take it and assumed they’d give me the face of disapproval. I was prepared for questions but, was surprised and very relieved when I sensed they were supportive with the idea. I was really pining for this and after what seemed like forever, I was offered a position. After some negotiating we agreed on a salary and I was on to step #2, Housing. I am currently still working on this and had to really go outside my comfort zone (answering craigslist listings.) Little details like packing, logistics and that kind of stuff are in the works too but, my biggest worries are somewhat behind me.

So far, I am amazed with myself. Enough with talking it was time to take a risk for ME. There are days I am excited about my new journey which are still mixed with fear of the unknown but, I have the support of people that believe in me and I need to make them proud. Even if I fall flat on my face, at least I can say I tried.

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