by Sneha


Growing up, I had a lot of questions, about everything. It drove my mom, teachers, etc. crazy: who wrote history books, how do we know it’s not all fiction – they weren’t there; why do we follow certain traditions, who exactly started them and why; why do we believe in reincarnation; why do I have to be nice to everyone?

Sadly, even as an adult, after completing college, graduating law school and being an active member of the American workforce, I still have so many unanswered questions. Is it bad, probably but I encourage and propose the following discussion, not just out of my own curiosity, but out of anger and frustration…

  • Why do people, even today, go hungry or without clean water EVERYday?
  • Why do we call our country a democracy but we continue to elect and support those who don’t follow through with their promises and then, WE are surprised?
  • Why is healthcare so damn expensive?
  • Why do the bad and evil seem to prosper?
  • Why don’t we spend as much money or attention (if not more) on education as we do any other governmental department?
  • Why do we agreeably invest in architectural structures, space adventures and military expenditures overseas every year all the while we continue to lose children to hunger?
  • Why do we let the media dictate who we hate and who we support without an independent opinion?
  • Why do we allow parents who don’t know how to properly raise their own children blame society? We can’t discipline them in school NOR can we punish them in the judicial system.

sneha4-28-2*don’t get me started with this one (FUTURE POST)

  • Why do we all complain about corruption but no one is willing to blow the whistle?
  • Why are literacy and a high school diploma not expected in a society so developed, advanced in all sectors, and in a well-educated America?
  • Why does all food that is bad for you taste so damn good?
  • Why do we allow ridiculous salaries for athletes when teachers and the military who secure our future leaders get paid and recognized worth shit?
  • Why do baby clothes cost more or maybe the same as clothes for adults?

SO I tried to end with a few humorous questions (in light of the overwhelming serious tone) but you get the picture. I invite you all to share because I just don’t understand. I know I can do more but how? ANYone with any thoughts or ideas please share because I’m so tired of asking these questions and enraged with the bullshit political nonsensical answers.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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