Do All Lives Matter?

by Sneha


It has bothered me for a while, so I now reach out to yall. We’ve all seen/heard “black lives matter” and “blue lives matter” but that leads me to my ‘not so obvious’ question:


Go with me on this one…it’s mostly yours truly venting but somewhere you’ll find a plea.
I’m so sick of the disparity and seclusion that we’ve allowed in our society. So your life matters because you identify yourself as a part of society based on some nonsensical trait; something which you probably had nothing to do with. You were born a certain way. That’s it.

Why are we giving it so much credence when it means nothing in the bigger picture: don’t we all have issues that we need to face and fight together? Am I the only one seeing us drowning in the mistakes of our past? It’s infuriating to know that we don’t fight for one another as the HUMAN RACE! YES it’s that simple! But still we segregate based on senseless factions! Have you seen Divergent? You should because it is where we are headed. When will we change?

First I propose we educate ourselves; use any outlet but the media. The media, for the most part, twists the truth to bring in viewers but that’s a post for another day. All I ask is you just try it! It’s seriously helped me tone down my anger and rage.

Working in the judicial sector forces me to seek justice; no matter where it exists. Some defendants are truly innocent and some victims are truly liars. It’s hard but it’s my job to decipher the truth. But when will the facts defeat the false impression of the stereotypical facets of our society? Whether it is based on race, ethnicity, immigration, or even economical status, when will we call it what it is: crime is crime.

Police officers have been making the news a lot lately. There are good and bad ones but they all come together to protect us and continue to sacrifice their lives for us regardless of their race or upbringing. And those who abuse their power should definitely be held accountable and charged accordingly. But the scariest part is when extreme politicians, such as Donald Trump advocate deporting a complete group based on the actions of a few. By no means am I sharing my political views here but when the American people blindly follow such extreme assertions, are we really fixing the issue or just adding fuel to the fire? If one officer misuses his power, do we chastise them all? If one politician lies, do they all face perjury charges? When will we try to educate ourselves and understand each other?

Next I propose we make a decision and take a stance. Let’s base our opinions on common sense. Blacks vs. Whites, Staights vs. Gays, Rich vs. Poor…where does it stop? Do we want to continue to live in the past where it was acceptable to segregate? It’s infuriating to think that we use such ignorant bases to discriminate against.

Why not judge people for being lazy?
Why not judge people for being liars?
Why not judge people for their false promises and not following thru?
Why not judge people for being selfish?
Why not judge people for taking advantage of the holes in our system?
Why not judge people for being irresponsible and then blaming society or the “system?”
Why not judge people for being arrogant?
Why not judge people for being ignorant?

I could go on, but you get the picture.

When will we hold each person responsible for his or her actions and stop making excuses?

Not all fatherless sons grow up to be criminals.
Not all fatherless daughters grow up to be prostitutes.
Not all motherless sons grow up to be violent.
Not all motherless daughters grow up to be unloving and insensitive.ALM-sneha-2I leave you with Dr. Martin Luther King. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first one to admit that I am extremely opinionated, but I at least give everyone a chance. I hate that we, as a society, still hold onto the stupid, unfounded, ridiculous stereotypes instead of making our own informed opinions. Is it out of fear or are people just happy being blind followers?

The scariest question is who are we following and do we truly believe them?

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