The Ides of March

By Puja


When you hear the phrase “the Ides of March” do you fear getting stabbed in the back 23 times by your co-workers and/or friends? No? Well good for you.

The Ides of March has a reputation of occurring alongside important to world/historical events. Other, non-superstitious, people may conclude that the Ides are not necessarily something to be apprehensive about. But not me! The Ides of March appear to be more of a demarcation/paradigm shift for events that have lasting reverberations. Well, at least that is what I am clinging to so I don’t go around fearing several knives in the back. Shout out to rationalizing fears so they don’t have power over you.

Why am I blithering on about the Ides of March? I thought it was a great segue to talk about being on the verge. On the verge of what you ask? Not to sure, but it’s something. Yup, somethings a-coming. And I am pretty sure it has something to do with my current read: Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead (“Daring Greatly”) by Brené Brown. It is about realizing that we are *Enough; while providing tools needed to live Wholeheartedly. Just a quick note, this is the type of book that will take you longer than usual to get through; you will have to stop to unpack baggage before you can keep reading. Yeah, that kind of book. BUT, this book makes me feel as if I am on the verge of something. The closest thing I can compare it to is the crackle of electricity in the air after a lightning storm. A breakdown or a breakthrough is likely, but either way, I can feel that my life is about to change.

I have recounted for you my Struggles with my weight, compulsions, loving myself, and anxiety (don’t worry, we haven’t scratched the surface on Le Issues). With each post I feel as if I am letting go of what Daring Greatly calls Shame. Letting go of Shame makes us more Vulnerable, which will allow us to live Wholeheartedly (seriously, read this book, I am not doing it justice). A life not consumed by Anxiety and Self-loathing? Yes please!

I never really believed it when people told me ‘you are worthy and you deserve ___.’ But feeling on the verge of living a life with less Fear, Blame, Discomfort, and (most importantly) less Struggle is something everyone should have. We are all worthy of Love and Belonging, and to be seen as we are. We should believe people when they tell us we are Worthy and Enough. Imagine what your life would be if you are able to say that you created the paradigm shift, you marked when your best life began, you  created your lasting reverberations. So much like the message of Daring Greatly, I am going to encourage each of you who may be in a rut, generally miserable, or in need of a change to face your hard truths and accept Vulnerability. It is not Cowardice, it is Courage; it is not Destructive, it is Creative;  it is more than coping strategies, it is an opportunity to live a life you were meant to live. A Happy life, a Joyful life, a Wholehearted life.

I am not going to lie, it is physically and emotionally draining to change your life, it is difficult, it is messy, and you are going to need some awesome people in your corner to keep you centered. However, it is exciting, empowering, and beautiful to defeat a ‘demon’ that controlled you. In my head, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme song just started.

Beware the Ides of March…or not. Go forth and change your life, change the world, or renew your commitment to any abandoned new year’s resolutions. Now is as good a time as any to honor the spirit of the Ides; embrace the verge. 

*I am capitalizing certain emotions because to me, they are tangible people I deal with every day. So don’t kill me grammarians. 

Bonus: Check out Brené Brown’s 2010 Vulnerability TED talk here and her 2012 Shame talk here.


Keeping Me Sane This Week: Routines. Yay for a sense of control over our lives! Last week was not all that great(as alluded), and a good friend reminded me that I should go back to basics, get back in my daily rituals. It may be boring and a harbinger of the middle aged problem of ‘being stuck in your ways,’ but knowing that your lunch is packed the night before you go to work can be a lighthouse when everything else is going off course.

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