On Being a Nine-Year-Old Girl in Today’s World

by Hermioneela

My mom told me that I should write a few words about my observations on being a nine-year-old girl in today’s world for the Sisters in Law Blog. I must say, I think it’s pretty cool. It sounds like there really hasn’t been a better time in history to be a girl. We can wear pants OR skirts, look forward to voting, and choose just about any career path. I still think things could be better, though. I think girls are still not taken as seriously as we should be. For example, the United States has never had a woman President. There are boys in my class who tell me that I can’t be a doctor when I grow up, because I am a girl, and I think, the world takes women athletes much less seriously that men. Where is the respect? Even though I sometimes think it would be easier to be a boy, I can’t think of a boy who I’d rather be. Being a girl is pretty great. I just wish the rest of the world would realize it!


Note on the Author: Hermioneela is the founding member of a new group at her school, SPEW, the Society for the Promotion of Elementary Writers. SPEW will gather weekly to take on small writing projects. The group will work individually outside of meetings. At the meetings, SPEW members will share their work, choose the group’s next writing topic and learn different styles of writing from each other. The group leader will “ensure that its members are achieving their individual goals while making sure that the whole group is working towards achieving our singular goal – becoming better writers and having fun in the process.”

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