Type A or Control Freak?

by Sneha

It was part of my intro and subject of review for 2016, but this totally puts it in perspective! I have to admit, this speaks volumes to me (no pun intended) especially in light of the last few weeks of my life. I am a typical control freak and hate it when I can’t help/solve problems faced by those around me, but when you’re confronted with new territory like when someone close to you spills years of thoughts and feelings, you begin to wonder.

I know it’s not healthy, but if it’s a part of your first born, older sister, attorney type of personality, how do you change? Do I even want to? Not really but then this hair example got me thinking. When you want it curly it falls flat, when you want it straight it frizzes up and when you want it to stay up, it refuses to stay in place. I use to blame my flat iron, my shampoo, humidity there are too many mornings when I just admit defeat and lose with grace. It’s a Diana Ross show so feel free to drop by. I kid you not.


So you ask: How does this relate to life? I’ve had a lot going on with my personal life: family, love, health, career, and most importantly support for those around me. Friends and family going through loss, life changes, divorce, babies, heartbreak, career crisis, you name it. I wish I could help or solve their problems and sometimes need to remind myself that there’s only so much I can do. Like my hair, I just have to accept that sometimes I can’t control everything.

When is it time to let go and to accept “I’ve done all I can.” Is it like you’re giving up, or is it a healthy maneuver understanding that there is more out there and all will work out as its suppose to? I tell myself that having faith at this point is all you can do. Is that enough or does it mean that you are giving up too early? I struggle with that balance every day, whether it’s at work or in my personal life. It’s hard for many of us. But I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to admit and verbalize. I just wish that there was a switch to turn off this admirable but frustrating trait; I could have really used it this week.

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