Indulgences – when is it too much?

by Sneha


The picture says it all. As my all-time favorite character Karen Walker would say: what’s going on, what are we talking about, what are we drinking? I love wine which is of course an indulgence. Not a particular healthy one but that leads me to my concern: my indulgences. I have a confession: I “treat” myself pretty frequently, even for small things: letting someone cut me off without cursing/honking, winning in trial, not procrastinating and actually being productive, cooking a meal at home, or holding my tongue in court when I know I was right. I mean if you think about it, it could be just about anything.

So when does it become too much? Now don’t get me wrong, I have my (financial) limits but when I see an opportunity to do something for me, I don’t think twice; whether it’s getting a massage or pedicure, meeting up friends for dinner or cocktails, or watching a movie again even though I’ve seen it thousands of times. Why don’t we do something that makes us happy every day? I’m not saying eat chocolate and ice cream everyday but why not curl up with a good book and turn off your phone, like real “me” time. We have distractions around us 24/7 so is it selfish to indulge or is it actually healthy? I say it’s absolutely necessary! Even if it’s just soaking in a tub for 30 minutes, taking a nap or enjoying a glass of wine, there should be “me” time every day.

So in the spirit of celebrating even the small things, today is National Drink Wine Day! Is it another excuse or am I just celebrating another dumb-founded holiday? I’m going with the latter. There’s always something to celebrate so treat yourself to something fun or tasty! Cheers

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